Far-Flung Adventures

Clarkson Honors students travel the world, meeting new people and working within different cultures and social systems while gaining experience and building skills.

Brittany Snyder ’16

Honors_germany 2This past summer, I completed research at Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena in central eastern Germany through the American Chemical Society’s International REU program. I synthesized parthenolide which occurs naturally in the feverfew plant. It has potential as an anti-cancer therapeutic and we want to study its pharmacological properties in detail. In my spare time, I explored the city of Jena, indulging in new foods and visiting the world’s oldest planetarium. On weekends, I traveled across Europe and became more confident in my independence. I visited many cultural and historical sites and sometimes felt like I was living in a fairy tale. While my German still remains minimal, I learned how to use gestures and a rudimentary vocabulary to overcome obstacles.


Jacob Misch 16, Sarah Miele ’16 and Kyle Ventura ’16

Honors_Page 5 China1Not many Clarkson students can say they’ve met a bilingual parrot at the Great Wall of China! Over the past summer, we performed research in materials science at Tsinghua University in Beijing. We did cutting-edge research into quantum dots, supercapacitors and thermoelectric materials. We visited the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs on a weekend trip. The food was amazing, from traditional Chinese food such as hot pot to street food such as fried scorpions — delicious! We spent a lot of time with our research groups eating meals family-style. The research was generously funded by Corning Inc., and we presented our work to the company at their Sullivan Park campus upon our return to the U.S.  We were happy to get home, but we miss our time at Tsinghua.


Dominican Republic
Emily Braunius ’18, Elizabeth Miele ’18 and Aileen Daley ’16

In May 2015, we traveled to the small village of Angostura in the mountains of the Dominican Republic with seven other students and two professors for a service-learning trip.Honors_Page 5 DR - alternate

We monitored indoor air quality levels and evaluated effectiveness of a cook stove implemented by Peace Corps volunteers. We feel that the people of Angostura gave just as much to us as we did for them. In two weeks spent working and living in Angostura, we connected with local people who taught us selflessness that transcended language and cultural barriers. The hydroelectric system powering the village was run entirely by the community and neighbors helped each other fix their houses. Despite having close to nothing, they welcomed us into their homes for meals and conversation. We will apply what they taught to our own daily lives.

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