Howard Schulman ’68

Howard Schulman1

Schulman in the finals of the Remax World Long Drive Championship.

As a CPA, Howard Schulman, ’68, lives by the numbers. That’s especially true on the golf course, where his expertise in the sport has added up to big success.

After more than 50 years of playing golf, Schulman has learned a thing or two about the game.

Last December, he was an official in the COPA Latino Golf Matches in San Miguel, Mexico, where touring pros from South America and Mexico competed in Ryder Cup-format matches. So how did the 68-year-old Texas resident end up being vice captain for the South American team?

“Golf pro Eduardo Herrana is a friend and he invited me,” he says. “I was really honored. He’s won over 20 tournaments around the world.”

Schulman determined how players were paired, and chose the order of play. He coordinated transportation to be sure everyone was in the right place and on time. He also gave out advice on tricky greens.

“It was a great experience. If the organizers want me again, my answer is yes!” he says.

At 5-foot-7, Schulman packs surprising strength into his drives. In 2008, after having triple heart bypass surgery, he won a four-state regional competition to qualify for the finals of the Remax World Long Drive Championship, one of the best-known competitions in golf. This was the last year his over-61 age group was included, and he was one of 24 players to make it in.

“My best drive was 332, he says.

“Clarkson graduate Barney Adams of Adams Golf was a major sponsor for the event.”

Howard Schulman2

Shulman and the team at the COPA Latino Golf Matches in San Miguel, Mexico.

Much of Schulman’s golfing has been with clients from his Dallas firm (Bulloch, DuPertuis, Schulman, Seger & Co., P.C.), but he’s played seriously since his days growing up in Albany, N.Y. “I won the 13-and-under tournament at Albany Municipal Golf Course and two years later the 15-and-under bracket,” he recalls.

Although he was offered a golf scholarship to Florida State University, he knows he made the smart choice in choosing Clarkson. “I learned, even if you don’t know the answer, you have the ability to figure it out,” he says. “That has served me very well.”

But his love for the game has never wavered. “I really enjoy the competition and the friends and people I have met through golf,” Schulman says. “I like that it is me against the field or an individual player.”

Schulman and his wife, Phyllis, have one daughter, Sarah, 32.

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