Road Work


Clarkson alumni from two major heavy civil contractors are part of a team responsible for a $126 million infrastructure project in Virginia. [L-R] Jason Tracy ’00, Design-Build Project Manager (Lane Construction); Ryan Gorman’95, VP, Design-Build (Corman Construction); Lou Robbins ’69, VP, Design Build (Corman); Kirk Junco ’79, COO & Executive VP (Lane); Alex Moser ’15, Grade Work Engineer (Lane); and David Holmes ’08, Rte. 29 Widening Element Leader (Lane).

Virginia’s massive, three-part highway improvement project known as “Route 29 Solutions,” is designed to reduce congestion, and improve safety along the busy Route 29 corridor in the Charlottesville- Albemarle County region.

The multi-faceted, $126 million project calls for miles of new roads, the widening of existing roads and merge lanes, and construction of a 700’-long bridge over a south fork of the Rivanna River.

“It’s a challenging project,” says Ryan Gorman ’95, Vice President, Design-Build for Corman Construction, one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest heavy civil contractors.

“The Virginia Department of Transportation took what was essentially three projects and bundled them into one contract because of the complexity of the work, lane closure restrictions and a tight timeline. They understood they needed a larger company with a lot of resources to pull it off successfully.”

To get the job done, Corman teamed up with industry giant Lane Construction, to put together a winning proposal.

Throughout the process, leaders and engineers from both companies were surprised to discover so many Clarkson graduates at work on the joint venture.

“It was great to work with so many talented people from Clarkson,” says Gorman. “We had different roles but we all worked well together — from developing the initial partnership and bid to coming up with a design that everyone was happy with to managing and working on the actual building phase.”


A section of road along the Route 29 corridor in the Charlottesville- Albemarle County region.

Throughout his 20+-year career in construction engineering management, Gorman has worked with a number of his fellow graduates. “The Clarkson alumni I have worked with over the years are successful and seem to be very well suited for construction engineering. Perhaps that’s  a credit to the faculty, including one of my favorite professors, Spence Thew, who instilled a passion for construction in his students. Or perhaps it’s because Clarkson grads have a strong work ethic.”

The first phase of the construction was completed this past summer.  The project is scheduled for completion in July, 2017.

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