Africa: Looking Past the Headlines

"It is true that there are terrible diseases such as Ebola, child soldiers, and starving children during the "hunger season." What we don’t see, however, is the ferociously growing middle class, the computer technicians who can repair cell phones in minutes, kids writing code. What we don’t realize is that Africa is evolving quickly."

All in the Family

When Brian Jacot ’77, ’85, CEO and founder of Greystone Consolidated, looks for up-and-coming talent to fuel his fast-growing environmental and engineering consulting business, he looks to his alma mater.

Jamie Griffin ’17 Invited to the UN for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

The world’s largest celebration of women innovators and job creators.

Howard Schulman ’68

Although he was offered a golf scholarship to Florida State University, he knows he made the smart choice in choosing Clarkson.